Monday, February 9, 2009

File Format and Data Compression Issues

There are varieties of data formats available for image, audio and full motion video objects. Since the varieties are so large, controlling them becomes difficult. So we should standardize on a single format. Instead, we should select a set for which reliable conversion application tools are available. 

  • Another key design issue is to standardize on one or two compression formula for each type of data object. For example for facsimile machines, CCITT group 3 and 4 should be included in the selected standard. Similarly for full motion video, the selected standard should include MPEG and its derivatives such as MPEG 2.
  • Standardizing protocols in WAN's is essential to ensure that multimedia objects can be transformed from one LAN via a WAN to another LAN without loss of information. All hubs, routers, switches, etc.must be standardized.
  • Storing and retrieving of very large objects is an important consideration. Storing should be done quickly and retrieving should be done efficiently. 
  • While doing storage, it is useful to have some information about the object itself available outside  the object to allow a user to decide if they need to access the object data.

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