Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Display Resolution

Display Resolution should be at various levels since user's requirement differs accordingly. For example, for television, people will watch it at distance of atleast 10 to 15 feet's away. But in the case of computer (i.e. Desktop), people will watch only at the distance of 12-18 inches away. So, display resolution must be more than for TV. So we should set the display resolution as per user's requirement. In a large organization, there are a number of different display types with large variations in resolution and display technologies. Hence, the display resolution becomes an important consideration. A number of design issues must be considered for handling different display outputs.

They are:
  • Levels of standardization on display resolutions.
  • Display control standardization.
  • Corporate norms for service degradations.
  • Corporate norms for network traffic degradations as they relate to resolution issues.
Setting norms will be easy, if the number of different work station types, window managers, and monitor resolutions are limited in number.

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