Friday, January 16, 2009

Structued Multimedia Authoring

A Structured Multimedia Authoring system consists of two stages:
  1. The Construction of the structure of presentation.
  2. Assignment of detailed timing constraints
A successful structured authoring system must provide the following capabilities for navigation though the structure of the presentation.

  1. Ability to view the complete structure.
  2. Maintain a hierarchy of objects.
  3. Capability to zoom down to any specified component.
  4. View specific components in part or from start to finish.
  5. Provide a running status of percentage full of the designated length of the presentation.
  6. Clearly show the timing relations between the various components.
  7. Ability to address all multimedia types, including text, image, audio, video and frame based digital images.
The author must ensure that there is a good fit within each object hierarchy level. The navigation design of authoring system should allow the author to view the overall structure while examining a specific object segment more closely. The design of the views must show relevant information for a specific view.

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